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Self Service Car Wash PictureWhat type of car wash do you like to use? You essentially have four options. Of course, one of those four options is washing your car at home. It can be fun, but it’s not an every time kind of thing, that’s for sure. It might be a weekend chore you can dish to the kids or do with them to spend time and have a little fun. Yes, washing a car can be fun if you’re willing to get a little wet. Your other options are automatic car washes, having a business hand wash and detail your vehicle or my favorite, the self service car washes.

I know there is a good self service car ash near me that I can use. As a matte of fact, it’s just a few blocks up the street. Is one of those types of car washes that close to you? Even if it’s not, you’re likely able to find one not too far away. You want to make sure that you use a good one though. They need to have the machines where you can buy the extras, and they need to have plenty of bays available for those busy days.

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It can be kind of frustrating when you go there and end up having to wait in line to wash your car. It has happened to me before on a weekend plenty of times. It can also help if there is an attendant there that will help you if there are any problems. Sometimes change machines might not work properly, and that can be a bummer. Of course, if you pick a good self service car wash, everything is going to be nice and modern. You need to have all the options you expect when it comes to making washing selections within the bay. Do you like to clean your tires, too? Sometimes I wash my car better than at other times, so it just kind of depends on what I want to do that day. Naturally, it’s not just about washing the car’s exterior but also vacuuming the interior. Have you ever been to a car wash where the vacuum wasn’t very strong?

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It’s not good when the vacuum doesn’t work great, and the nozzle on the end also needs to be able to fit in tight spots, such as underneath the seat. You want to be able to pick a fragrance as well, or at least I do when I go. I like the new car smell. Some car washes have a fragrance gun available at vacuuming stations, and others have machines for purchasing fragrances. I don’t like the ones that hang from your rear view mirror, however, as there are plenty of better options available at stores these days. If you are looking to find a car wash near me visit the home page.
Are you willing to wash your own car? I really do think it’s the best way to go about handling a car wash, all things considered. It requires manual labor, but you save money doing it yourself. Plus, you don’t have to worry about an automatic car wash causing damage to your vehicle. Find a self car wash near you.

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